Airdrop is a container with some USDT amount that can be claimed by every user. The amount of USDT you can get from an Airdrop depends on your Airdrop Share (your Deposited Amount to All-Deposited-Amount ratio)

Let's say there are 2 users in the project. User Alice has deposited 200 USDT and User Bob has deposited 800 USDT. The Airdrop Share for each user is determined based on their Deposited Amount to the All-Deposited-Amount ratio. In this case, User Alice has a share of 20% of every Airdrop, and User Bob has a share of 80%

The more your Deposited Amount - the more USDT you can claim from every Airdrop

Airdrops are automatically created when someone uses Emergency Withdraw function, as an encouragement for other users

Extra Airdrops can also be created by the TrustEarn Team for important events such as Launch Day, Milestone Goals, Promo Actions, etc

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