After making a deposit, you immediately start earning your Daily Reward. It will accumulate on your account, and you can choose what to do next: either Withdraw or Compound your earnings. Depending on your style and goals, you might use one of two basic Strategies or combine them. Here is a short description and calculations to help you with this decision.


Withdrawing will simply send all your accumulated rewards to your wallet. It will not affect your Deposited Amount or future earnings. It is easy to understand and allows you to start the return of your investments the same day


This strategy allows you to create compound interest: you use the daily reward to increase your deposit Amount and, therefore, your future Daily Reward. By doing this, you can significantly increase both your deposit amount and your daily rewards!

Strategy comparison and Calculations

Let's say you Deposit $1000 and wonder how much profit you can withdraw over time. How much deposit amount can you accumulate on your account while Compounding? What will be your Daily Reward in both cases? Here is a list of precise examples:

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